Sunday, December 2, 2012

TV Reunions I'd Love To See

In light of the recent Boy Meets World spinoff, as well as many old shows returning to the small screen with the original cast intact, such as Dallas, I've been thinking about some great reunions I'd love to see. There are so many shows I've loved that I've felt ended too early, or just shows that had a good run, but leave me wondering what characters are up to several years later. For most of these, it's become pretty clear that a reunion will never happen, but I can always hope, right?

1. Friends
There was a recent rumor that there was going to be another Thanksgiving episode of Friends, taking place in 2014, but of course, the cast denies that this will ever happen, unfortunately. Though I understand that the cast is busy doing their own thing (Go On, Cougar Town, Web Therapy, etc.) and that 10 seasons of Friends is plenty, I will always wonder where the gang ended up, what their children look like now, and if Phoebe has written any more songs.

2. Veronica Mars
This show has become quite the cult favorite, and after being introduced to it by my sister this summer, I became obsessed and watched every episode of all three seasons in about a month. The most disappointing element of this show is that it clearly got cut off way before it should have been, especially because Logan and Veronica didn't end up together, even though everyone involved knew that they were end game. Kristen Bell seems to have loved this show as well, even insisting that if it were legal, she would pay for the movie to be written, shot, and screened, but she doesn't have the rights to it and the company that does have the rights doesn't seem to understand how we (the passionate fans) feel about this :(
UPDATE: The Veronica Mars movie is getting made!

3. Kyle XY
Much like Veronica Mars, this show didn't get the ending it deserved. The finale was weird and tried to tie some things up, but didn't really succeed at giving me the closure I deserve. This show also introduced me to Jean Luc Bilodeau, when he was still pretty young and so adorable. His relationship with Andy was one of the cutest things I've ever seen on television. Another thing this show really did well was create science fiction that made sense to me but also didn't make the characters feel any less relatable. Normally, I'm not into anything science fictiony. I'd honestly scream if I heard that they were making a Kyle XY movie, and I know other people that would too, so maybe I'll hold onto my hope for this one. For now, I'll have to settle for watching Jean Luc on Baby Daddy, which is decent, and the fact that Matt Dallas is going to be on several episodes this season. <3

4. Gilmore Girls
Everyone loved this show and it had seven fantastic seasons, but who wouldn't love to catch up with Rory and Lorelai? If only to hear what they have to say about current pop culture, I'd love a simple reunion special or made for TV movie. It's hard to believe it's already been five years since Gilmore Girls went off the air, and I think it's time to see where they are in their lives.

5. Full House

Okay, this was the cheesiest show ever. The music was sappy, the characters loved each other sooooo much, and there was always a heartfelt moral at the end of every episode. But after seeing the reunion picture (minus the Olsen twins, cause they're just too cool now I suppose), how can I not wonder what the characters are doing in the 21st century? Also, I just realized - where did Nicky and Alex go? The actors are 21 now! Although according to IMDB, the only acting they ever did was on Full House, so they're probably not really "actors".

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